Give A Gift That Will Grow With Your Graduate

Students all over are graduating and parents are busy planning and hosting graduation parties. All their invitations are hitting your inboxes. And now you have to figure out what to give this recently minted graduate.

A trip to the local book store uncovers a whole display of books for graduates. You could give them the usual suspect of gifts like a watch, a nice pen, gift cards or then real hard cash. New graduates need cash, but they will blow that cash away so quickly without even remembering where it came from.

Here is a gift idea that will give the gGraduationGiftraduate something that will grow with him or her. Something that will get them started on their investment portfolio, something that will trigger their curiosity for making and growing money. Gift them stocks.

There are a variety of options where you can choose a stock to gift, like Apple, Tesla Motors, Walt Disney or even Vanguard EFTs ( Exchange Traded Funds). These gifts are easy to purchase, and some of these will also give you the ability to give a gift for as low as $20 for a fraction of the share. No need to shell out $130 for a single Apple stock.

The process is simple. Usually you will have to go through the following steps:

1. You log on to a website for one of the providers. ( See below for a list of some stock gift providers)

2. Then you choose a stock that you would like to gift. Like Apple or Disney.

3. You set up a request for a brokerage account for the recipient, if they don’t have one. Some providers will even allow you to print a stock certificate that you can hand personally to recipient.

5. Payment is usually accepted online.

Here are some providers who offer stocks as gifts. Check them out.

Spark Gift 

Give A Share

Unique Stock Gift


Some more exotic ways of gifting stocks:

If you would like to gift a stock that you already own, you can re-title the stock in the name of the recipient. But you will have to pay a re-tilting fee to you brokerage firm. Some people even go to the extent of setting up a trust. It will cost you about $1000 to set up the trust. But once you do it, you can arrange for a fixed number of stocks to be transferred to the trust and say every Christmas your recipient will get 100% of the dividends for life. If you are considering any one of these, make sure you have access to a good attorney.

A graduate party coming up soon?  What will you choose as a gift?

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