Give the Gift of Fresh, Pre-Portioned Ingredients Meal Kits

A new type of home delivered meal kit industry is taking root all over the world. From Boston, to New York for San Francisco to Europe – this new breed of companies supply meal kits to folks who can prepare their own dinners quickly. Some of the kits offer cut vegetables and pre packaged ingredients. They come with step by step recipes and all you do is devour the joy of cooking fresh delicious restaurant type food right in your home kitchen.

This is a wonderful gift idea for your loved ones – spouse, family or friends. I am thinking my wife would love me if I gift her something like this. Imagine not thinking about what to cook for a week. We often have a hard time figuring out what to cook. Not having to think about what to buy, what to cook, and what recipe to use frees up a lot of decision making capacity. This would be a cool experience gift, you could prepare the meals together with your loved ones or even friends and neighbors.

Some of these services have incorporated an easy gifting option too. Which means you basically can purchase a gift certificate for your loved ones. I love this as a gift idea because:

  1. It’s an experience
  2. It brings you closer to the folks you prepare your food with
  3. It’s cheaper than some other experience gifts
  4. It’s an unusual gift, they will remember you for it
  5. It’s to do with food, which makes a great conversation topic
  6. It has utility value
  7. It’s memorable
  8. It has great Facebook post potential

Let’s take a look at some options for meal kit gifts:




Fresh ingredients delivered to cook a delicious meal in 30 minutes.

Tell them what your preferences are and Plated can customize the mix of recipes. They have a weekly delivery schedule and great looking recipe cards. A nice option is the gift subscription option which starts at $48 per week. Imagine your friend getting a Plated subscription option for a week. If you watch Shark Tank on CNBC, Plated was featured in Season 5 Episode 22. They didn’t get the deal, but I am sure they got a ton of customers and publicity. Check if they deliver in your area before buying the gift.



Hello Fresh

Deliver delicious and healthy recipes with pre measured ingredients every week

They have a veggie option that starts at $9.08 per person / per meal. They too offer a gift card option and they deliver anywhere in the US, except Hawia and Alaska. Take a look at their boxes and weekly recipes. They also have branches in Europe and deliver meals in Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and UK. So if you have family or friends who live in these countries, what a wonderful gift that would make.



Blue Apron

A better way to cook, is what they say.

Pre-portioned ingredients, weekly deliveries and ingredients arrive in a refrigerated box to keep ingredients fresh. They also offer online  interactive recipe pages and how to videos. Again they have a gift option and deliver nationwide in the US. Blue Apron has fulfillment centers in New Jersey, California, and Texas.




A perfect new experience in your kitchen

Have lots of recipes and they want to make cooking an adventure. Check out their fresh ingredient suppliers here. For $57 they have a gift option with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients for a meal for four or you you choose to go with two meals for two. You can place your gift order online and even write a customized message to the recipient.  They list adventurous and approachable as company values. Looking to do something special for your team at work, try the PeachDish corporate program option.

So, who is that special person that you are going to gift next. Give them one of these and tell us what they thought of it. Happy experience gifting.

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